All on Four implants

Reasons to get All on Four implants

All on Four implants is the top choice for those who want new teeth in a day

There is a rise in people getting all on four implants as a method of getting quick, healthy teeth in one day. Missing teeth can be a nightmare for chewing and even talking.

Commonly referred to as ‘same day teeth treatment’, all on four implants provide dental patients with a brand new set of teeth in one day that is a long-lasting treatment as an alternative to partial dentures.

Who gets all on four implants?

People who commonly get the implants are individuals who are having issues with their teeth and urgently require new teeth. Normally periodontal disease is the main culprit.

all on four implants

Some of these people include:

  • People wanting to prevent bone loss
  • Those struggling to eat specific food
  • Patients with speech problems
  • Individuals with wobbly or damaged teeth

These are some of the reasons why dental patients go to Gentle Dental for same-day teeth implants.

Dental patients located near East Molesey choose Gentle Dental as their first choice for getting all on four dental implants.

They have been providing numerous customers in their local area with new dental implants for over 25 years and will continue to provide their customers with the same excellent service.

Benefits of same-day teeth implants

Choosing to get all on four dental implants can provide a variety of benefits to the dental patient.

  • No bone graft needed
  • Getting a full set of teeth in one go
  • Fewer visits are needed for dental implants
  • A new permanent smile

People who want new teeth in one day may benefit from a visit to Dorset Dental Clinic. Their team have years of experience providing numerous patients across the Dorset area with brand-new teeth that look as good (or even better) than the original teeth they had.

Results that pay off

Patients who have gotten all on four dental implants have mentioned their positive experiences with the service.

The service is unlike other dental implant products.

It takes less time, costs significantly less and provides excellent results that are immediately noticed on the day of treatment.


Please feel free to get in contact with us regarding any queries you may have about all on four implants.